Jose Corcoles (July 31st, 1990) is a visual artist based in Chicago, IL. Jose’s work aims to upend the image of the meek working-class Mexican, challenging the politics of respectability while seeking non-conventional forms and fusions to tell stories. Through photography and filmmaking Jose explores themes of machismo, sexuality, and class struggle while embracing the full humanity of marginalized groups.

After having graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2013 Jose spent time traveling and working on freelance jobs, he is now focused on developing short and feature films along with photography projects. “I am because I create,” is Jose’s mantra. He reaches back and borrows from his immigrant ancestors, paying homage to his Mexican and Guatemalan roots by sharing the Latino- American experience with South side Chicago style. 



Jose Alejandro 'Chicle' Corcoles

Chicago, IL 60609


708 466 6948